Lumenier CYBERMECH LED Visor for DJI FPV Goggles

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The CyberMech LED Visor is an add-on for the DJI FPV V1 and V2 Goggles, designed to be a fully customizable LED display. The CyberMech is customizable through a standalone APP compatible with iOS and Android that allows the pilot to create their own design with animations, custom text, images, and more! The customized design can also be set to follow a musical rhythm. This visor features a high-density display with 432 multi-color LEDs and includes 22 built-in stock animations. The blacked-out smoke gray visor provides a sleek and seamless animated appeal that will certainly have you standing out at your next FPV flying event!



  • Easily customizable through phone app (iOS and Android compatible)
  • Compatible with power input for DJI FPV Goggles (2S-6S)
  • Designed for DJI FPV Goggles V1 / V2
  • High-density display with 432 LEDs
  • Low power consumptions (1 - 3.5W)
  • 20+ stock animations (+ many more graphics and presets via phone app)
  • Blacked-out design blends seamlessly into the goggles shape
CyberMech LED Visor Info
CyberMech LED Visor Info 2


The CYBERMECH Visor is fully customizable through the downloadable Shining Glasses APP. This APP allows you to design your own text, images, and animations to be displayed on your LED Visor. Simply scan the included QR Code or search your APP store for “Shining Glasses”. CYBERMECH connects to your phone via Bluetooth.


Click on the animation and picture icon within the APP to send the data to your CYBERMECH LED Visor in real-time. The visor includes 22 preset animations + 20 pictures and allows you to customize your own for personal use.


The blacked-out Smoke Gray design perfectly blends into the body of the DJI FPV Goggles and allows for an easy installation. Simply remove the stock DJI metal faceplate, reuse the 2 screws you removed, and installed the CYBERMECH LED Visor in its place.


Draw your very own graphic design by using the custom sketchboard featuring drawing tools, an eraser, and color setting options.


Design your LED display to react to the sounds of music through the Microphone Rhythm Mode, Music List, or Music Rhythm options which allow you to scan local music files! Note: Apple iPhones only support music files that have been downloaded to the device in an MP3 / WMA format.


Display your own customized text through our Text Editor by choosing your own Text, Text Color, Background Color, Speed, and Emojis. Show off your own pilot call sign!!


  • Model: Lumenier CyberMech LED Visor
  • LED Display Density: 36 x 12 Array / 432 LEDs
  • Visor Material: Smoke Grey Polycarbonate
  • Compatibility: DJI FPV V1 and V2 Goggles
  • Display Functions: 22 stock animations (pre-loaded in memory, many more features via phone app)
  • Input Voltage: 8.4V-25.2V (powered via goggle battery)
  • Power Draw: 1-3.5W (depends on color and animation intensity)
  • LED Color: RGB


  • 1x Lumenier CyberMech LED Visor (DJI Goggles not included)
  • 1x Barrel Power Y Adapter

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