WhiteNoiseFPV Unify Pro VTX Mounting Board V2


The V2 Unify Mounting Board is now available! This updated design allows for the Unify Pro Nano to be set flush with the mounting board giving the user a clean and low profile stack. The Unify Pro V2/V3 (5V) can still be mounted in the traditional way.

There are pads on the side of the board to solder on the button (included with the Unify Nano).

The RX header holes have also been updated to take full advantage of the Crossfire Nano's 4 pin header. This still maintains compatibility with the XM+ and ANY other receiver. Simply solder your signal to the pad labeled "1" for a receiver signal pass through. The "+" marked pad is there to provide power for the receiver. If the receiver only needs 5V, there is a solder bridge on the bottom side of the board to allow for a shared 5V input with the VTX.

A new feature for this board is a camera signal pass-through. Solder the camera pigtail to the pads labeled "CAM" and you can now pull 5V off the board and utilize the other pad on the board labeled "C". This routes all the signals to one convenient spot for a clean wiring solution.


  • TBS Unify Pro Video Transmitters
  • FrSky XM+ and TBS Crossfire Nano
  • Can also work with Spektrum, Futaba, or any other receiver

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