Footy Frame Kit


What is Footy?

Footy is a fulfilment of multiple requests, all in one, do-it-all, package. Numerous pilots asked for a Five33 Engineered Freestyle Frame, a 5” TinyTrainer, and a clean Cinematic platform. So in typical Five33 fashion we brought together the BEST team of pilots to test, improve, and deliver the ANSWER to all of those requests.


  • Variable HD camera angle built in
  • Injection Molded Canopy included
  • Mid Mount Battery. CG is king
  • Battery strap slots
  • Camera protection
  • Multiple configurations (Freestyle, Racer, & Livestream Mode)
  • DJI Air Unit Compatible (W/ 20×20 stack)
  • 20×20 or 30×30 stacks
  • rear 20×20 mounting holes
  • 123g Frame Weight

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Footy Frame Kit
  • 1 x Prong Mount

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