Canopy for Micro Camera


New canopy for the micro camera is coming with new features. The injection molding technique brings durability and flexibility to the canopy, which is a great choice for micro cameras like C02 or C03 FPV cameras with 20° or 30° lens. Besides, the hollow-out design not only reduces the influence of heat on electronic parts but also is available to be armed with decorative parts we prepared. Recommend using it with BETAFPV Meteor Series.

Bullet Point

  • Adopt with injection molding technique, this canopy is more durable, anti-ruin, and heat-resistant, providing good protection for the whoop drone.
  • Unique design with three decorative parts like a knight, the drone flies in the air like a scientific spaceship cruising, making it very cool and special. Also, the decorative parts are detachable for better heat dissipation.
  • Come with three types of camera mount for 20°/30° lens camera. It is suitable for C02 FPV camera or C03 FPV camera.
  • Lightweight and six colors for options (White/Black/Blue/Pink/Green/Orange). Using it with Meteor Series colorful frame will be more attractive. Recommend frames for Meteor65/Meteor65 Pro/Meteor75/Meteor85/Beta65S.


    • Item: Micro Canopy 2022
    • Material: PP
    • Tilt: 20°/30°
    • Weight: 1.60g (with camera mount) / 1.93g (with decorations)
    • Color: Black/White/Blue/Orange/Pink/Cyan
    • Adapted VTX: M03 25-350mW 5.8G VTX
    • Adapted FPV Camera: C02 (20°), C03 (20°/30°)
    • Adapted Frame: Meteor65/Meteor65 Pro/Meteor75/Meteor85/Beta65S, or other brands 1S whoop drones.

    Elaborate Your Drones

    Different colors on your drone fully show uniqueness compared with the single color one. Three decorative parts upgrade a drone to look like a cool and special knight. Three types of camera mounts in the package are prepared for 20°/30° lens cameras like C02 or C03. Besides, it is a good idea to mount canopy on various color frames, increasingly individualizing your drones.

    Camera Mount & VTX Holder

    Two different sizes of camera mount are provided for more cameras. One of the camera mounts is suitable for C02 FPV Camera (20°). The rest of the camera mounts are a little bigger and can be used for C03 FPV camera (20°/30°) or other brands' cameras. Besides, the VTX holder support 14*18mm video transmitter like M03 25-350mW 5.8G VTX

    Note: The camera mount is not suitable for every camera. Please refer to the diagram before you install your own FPV camera. We strongly recommend using it with C02 or C03.


    • 1 * Micro Canopy 2022 (Black/White/Blue/Orange/Pink/Cyan)
    • 1 * 20° Lens Camera Mount for C02
    • 1 * 20° Lens Camera Mount for C03
    • 1 * 30° Lens Camera Mount for C03
    • 3 * Decorative Parts
    • 4 * M1.4*3 Screws
    • 4 * M1.4*4 Screws

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