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Not all 1.8mm lenses are the same. This 1.8mm FPV lens for Foxeer and Runcam cameras is the absolute top of the line, and offers clear and in-focus picture throughout the entire image. It's one nice piece of glass. The lens also has threading along the whole lens shaft, making it easy to focus and get flying. This lens is manufactured by Runcam, and will fit into any camera we carry.

Everything looks cooler through a fish-eye lens, and FPV racing is no different. The 1.8mm FPV lens for Foxeer and Runcam cameras boasts a 170-degree field of view, where as your typical 2.8mm lens only has about a 115-degree field of view. This allows you to prepare for gates more quickly and to generally race faster. If you're thinking - "Should I switch from a 2.8mm lens to this?", the answer is yes. Yes, you should.

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