5-Turn Helical Antenna

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5-Turn Helical


  • This 5-Turn Helical Antenna is a Right Hand Circular Polarized (RHCP).
  • This Antenna is compatible with DJI(red cable(rp-sma)), Fatshark, Boscam, and immersionRC.
  • Helical Antennas give you better object penetration, allowing you much greater range and video clarity!
  • This antenna offers 11.8db of gain.
  • Unlike many other antennas on the market, this is built tough and made to last. With the coil being completely guarded and protected, no matter how rough the adventure, the coil will stay in shape even in accidental drops and mishandlings.
  • In contrast to the spring-and-tube design, this antenna's secured design does not allow the coil  to move or shift. Consequently, no matter where you fly, it will stay in tune.
  • You can position this antenna using its semi-flexible cable instead of having to buy expensive angle adapters. This allows you to point it in your flying area for the best reception.

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