75mm Micro Whoop Frame for 7x20mm Motors


The strut design is very different and actually creates a complete X all they way back to the battery chamber. The struts between the motor mounts and ducts are fragile and break easily. So these upgraded frames stiffen the struts considerably. The struts themselves have a flat cross section which creates more bonding area with the duct.


This airframe kits include almost all the parts to DIY your own 75mm Tiny Whoop except the electronic parts.
The 75mm airframe is almost a scale clone to the original stock Blade Inductrix frame. The fc's mounting columns are fully compatible with all the Tiny Whoop flight controller.


      This plastic durable package can protect the package from deformation during 
      the shipping process. 

  • 1 * 75mm Tiny Whoop clear plastic frame (for 7x20 motors)

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