Brushless Motors Soft Mount Vibration Dampener (3 Sets)

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This is a simple way to dampen those high frequency vibrations resonating through your carbon frame and confusing your flight controller. Simply stick these squishy things between your frame and your motors. Tighten screws like normal.


  • Motor Shock Absorber Pads
  • Reduce the vibration of the propeller and the motor
  • Fit for main 13xx or 14xx series motors, like 1306 or 1407 motors


    • Item Name: Motor Anti-vibration Pad
    • Usage: for 1103, 1104, 1105, 1306, 1407 etc 11XX, 13XX Series motor or 14xx series
    • Material: TPU
    • Color: Red and Transparent.
    • Weight: 0.8g/PC


      • 12 * Motor Anti-vibration Pad (3 colors)

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