Connector Cable Set for Digital VTX


This connector cable set is designed for Digital VTX and F4 Brushless Flight Controller, It can use on both whoop FC and Toothpick FC. Convenient for installation with Caddx Vista, Nebula Camera and F4 35A AIO Brushless FC. 

Bullet Point

  • The male connector cable is fitting for Digital VTX like Caddx Vista, Nebula, and the female connector is compatible with F4 AIO 35A Toothpick FC.
  • Just plug and play, convenient for installation and take apart.
  • The connector cable has a 20mm length with 20AWG silicone cable.
  • This cable set is included 1* 6-pin male connector cable and 1* 6-pin female connector cable.


    • Item: Connector Cable Set for Digital VTX
    • Length: 20mm
    • Weight: 0.29g/pc (male connector) / 0.36g/pc (female connector)
    • Wire Type: 30AWG

    Diagram for VTX With RX

    Diagram for VTX Without RX


        • 1 * 6-Pin Male Connector Cable
        • 1 * 6-Pin Female Connector Cable

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