Designer Beta65S Graffiti Kit (Drone, Goggles, & Radio)

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Designer Beta65S Graffiti

Here it is, the limited-edition Beta65S drone. The Beta65S has 1 huge improvement based on Beta65 drones.
  • Motors: 6x15mm -> 7x16mm brushed motors

This designer version has the newest F3 Brushed Flight Controller: V2 version is available now and there are 3 improvements based on the most popular F3 whoop Flight Controller. 


  • Wheelbase: 65mm
  • Flight Controller: BETAFPV F3 Brushed FC V2
  • Motor: 7x16mm Coreless Brush Motor, 17500KV
  • Camera and 5.8G Tx: AIO 520TVL 1/4 Inch Camera 25mW 40CH
  • Batteries are not included

LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter

Mode 2(left stick throttle).   


After the latest round of beta test, LiteRadio 2 is back to the market with the huge improvements based on the original version.

  • Supports Frsky protocol, easily change Frsky D8, Frsky D16 FCC and Frsky D16 LBT mode (The default version is Frsky D16 FCC)
  • Built-in charging module, support USB charging 
  • Adopted the rubber coat and add weight, makes it more ergonomic
  • Add vibration motor, provide a vibrating prompt
  • Redesign the power button, make it crystal clear and better for the LED indication

LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter User Manual

    Bullet Point

    • Designed for FPV racing starters, and supports Bayang protocol and Frsky protocol (D16/ D8)
    • LiteRadio 2 is powered by OpenTX firmware. Totally 8 channels and has a hobby grade gimbal. 
    • This radio tansmitter acts as a USB Joystick when connected to a personal computer. So you could use it to play FPV simulator like EREADRONE
    • The trainer function is available for this LiteRadio 2 transmitter. It is useful for FPV racing student in training
    • LiteRadio 2 transmitter runs the OpenTX 2.2.4 firmware. OpenTX comes with a computer-based graphical user interface, OpenTX Companion. Pilots could use OpenTX Companion is trim the gimbal central value
    • With the hobby grade gimbal and adopted the rubber coat, makes it more ergonomic


      • Item: LiteRadio 2
      • Frequency Range: 2.4G (2403MHz-2447MHz)
      • 2.4G System: NRF24L01 or CC2500
      • Channel: 8
      • System: Bayang Protocol / Frsky Protocol 
      • Power: ≤80mw
      • Model Type: Multi-rotor
      • Support USB Charging
      • Support FPV Simulator Connected
      • Output: PPM, support Student Radio Mode
      • LED Light: Green-Power On / Red-Warning / Blue-Normal
      • Battery: 350mAh 2S Battery
      • Weight: 227.4g (with battery)

          How to change the protocol (D16/D8 Version)

          Press and hold the bind button, then press the power button until the purple light is flashing. The flashing LED indicates different protocol the LiteRadio works on.
          LED Status Protocol Version
          Flash Once Frsky D16 FCC
          Flash Twice  Frsky D16 LBT
          Flash Three Times  Frsky D8

          Diagram of LiteRadio 2

          LiteRadio 2 Guide

          Manual for LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter
          LiteRadio Configuration - OpenTX Companion
          Setup E.G. #1 - Trim the Gimbal Central Value


          • 1 * LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter
          • 1 * 350mAh 2S Battery


          5.8G FPV Goggle VR006

          • This is a tiny FPV goggle for newbies, small and light, convenient to carry
          • English available, it's very easy to set up with one-button auto search channel function
          • Support OSD function, can display current power
          • Support AV-IN
          • Build in 3.7V 500mAh battery, 1h working time


          • Frequency: 5.8G
          • Display : 3 inches
          • Resolution : 500*300 pixels
          • Wireless Channel: 40CH
          • Output Power: 25mW
          • Operatin Voltage: 3V-5.5V
          • Current: 200-340mA
          • Camera: Sensor: 1/3 "CMOS
          • Clarity: M7 1000TVL camera
          • View Angle: 120°FOV H170°
          • Signal System: NTSC/PAL
          • Working Voltage : 1s Battery (3.7-4.2v)
          • Working Current : 350-450mA
          • Receiving Sensitivity: -95dBM
          • Build in Battery: 500mAh 3.7V


          • 1 * Micro 5.8G FPV goggle
          • 1 * Dipole 5.8G antenna
          • 1 * USB charging cable

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