Gemfan WinDancer 3028 Propeller

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The Gemfan WinDancer 3028 is a high-efficiency 3" propeller with strong maneuverability. Its light and thin blades are made for outstanding control and long flight duration! Moreover, it is compatible with both T-style 1.5mm mounting and conventional 5mm shafts.

This adaptability allows great flexibility of motor use, making these propellers handy for any setup you want to run them on.


  • Length: 3 inch
  • Pitch: 2.8 inch
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Color: clear yellow, whiskey, clear blue, clear purple, clear red, clear
  • Weight: 1.49g
  • Hub Thickness: 5.5mm
  • Mounting Hole: 5mm - 1.5mm
  • Motor Recommendation: 1106-1306


  • 2 x CW Propellers
  • 2 x CCW Propeller
  • 4 x Motor Adapter

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