HQ75 5-Blade Propellers 1.5mm Shaft


HQ75 5-Blade Propellers with 1.5mm Shaft is a great choice for 3-inch pusher whoop drone like Pavo30 whoop drone, combined with 1505-1506KV brushless motor, it offers the drone a high efficient power and less noise. Highly recommend using it with 1505 3400KV motor for the Pavo30 pusher whoop drone

BETAFPV HQ75 5-blade propeller for pavo30


    • Item: HQ75 5-Blade Propellers
    • Blades: 5
    • Color: Gray
    • Weight: 2.35g/pc
    • Material: PC
    • Prop Disk Diameter: 75mm/3''
    • Center Thickness: 5.1mm
    • Shaft Hole: 1.5mm
    • Maximum support width: 10.4mm
    • Recommended Motor: 1505-3400KV motor/1506-3000KV motor


        • 2 * HQ75 5-Blade Propellers CW
        • 2 * HQ75 5-Blade Propellers CCW
        • 1 * set of M2 * 7 Screws

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