Lumenier 6.7x3x3 Folding Propeller (Set of 4)

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The Lumenier Folding Propeller is the solution for stable and efficient flight for your drone. Coming in at 6.7" in length from tip to tip - and a very gentle pitch, this prop is targeted to pilots who want smooth and efficient flights. 

The airfoils on this propeller were specifically designed by engineers at Lumenier to give your drone the endurance to fly longer and farther. These characteristics make the Lumenier Folding Propeller an excellent choice for long-range flights, where speed and thrust aren't as critical as having long and stable flights.

The ability to fold into a much smaller profile give these propellers an advantage in space saving and portability compared to standard fixed props. Drones with these propellers installed will be much easier to fit in a bag or storage area. 

Lastly, they are fully compatible with the Lumenier POPO system using a new WaveSpring washer for mounting propellers. This tiny but durable spring gives the optimal amount of buffer to keep the propeller perfectly locked in place. You'll find the WaveSpring also stays on motor shafts better than the silicone washers.

Note: The silicone washers included with most POPO motors will not work with the folding propeller. Use the included WaveSprings. 


  • Folds more than 50% smaller
  • Amazing flight times
  • Exceptionally quiet in flight
  • Surprisingly light - just over 7g
  • POPO compatible


  • Length: 7.6"
  • Pitch: 3"
  • Weight: 7g
  • POPO Compatible: Yes
  • Material: Nylon Glass Fiber


  • 2x CW Folding Propellers
  • 2x CCW Folding Propellers
  • 4x WaveSprings

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