Lumenier Double AXII 2 Long Range 5.8GHz Antenna


Lumenier Double AXII 2


The Lumenier AXII 2 is known to be the most versatile and highest performing antenna line for FPV today. Lumenier has been able to improve on the best and make it even better with the new and unqiue Double AXII 2 antenna!

Double the Gain = Longer Range

One of the biggest features of the Double AXII antenna is unique combination of 2 antenna elements into a single high gain antenna network. With precision manufacturing and fine tuning each Double AXII is able to effectively more than double the gain of a standard AXII 2 antenna from 2.2 to an incredible 4.7dBiC! This means you can fly further or behind more objects and still have a clear FPV video signal.

High Gain + Omni-Directional

High gain antennas aren't anything new. You can find many patch, helical, cross-hair style antennas which will offer high gain, but the downside is they are extremely directional. This means they only work well in the direction they are pointing.

The Double AXII 2 antenna is omni-directional, meaning it works 360 degrees around you. You can fly in front, behind, or to the sides and still have the same great reception. It doesn't matter where you are pointing, you will have great signal all around you!

Best on Receiving or Transmitting?

The Lumenier Double AXII 2 antenna can work for both receiving or transmitting, however due to the nature of the radiation pattern it is best suited as a receiving antenna in most cases. The higher gain gives you much longer range in a "doughnut" style radiation pattern, but it does have some nulls directly above/below the antenna and some small nulls around the 50 degree areas.

As a receiving antenna if you have the Double AXII 2 in a vertical orientation you will have excellent signal all around you in a 32 degree FOV. You can do the same by putting the antenna on the transmitter of your aircraft, however during flight if you tilt or bank a lot you may run into the null areas of the antenna. This is why it is generally best used as a receiving antenna. But don't let us stop you from getting creative! Need an antenna on your plane for an ultimate long range mission? This may be the perfect fit for you.



  • Gain: 4.7dBiC
  • Axial ratio: 1.0 (near perfect)
  • Bandwidth: 5.3GHz-6.2GHz
  • Radiation Efficiency: 98%
  • SWR: <=1.5:1
  • Weight: 12g
  • Size: 130mm x 17.5mm
  • Cable: Semi-rigid RG402
  • Connector: Straight SMA


  • Left Hand Circular (LHCP) or Right Hand Circular (RHCP)
  • Includes

    • 1x Lumenier Double AXII 2 SMA 5.8GHz Antenna 

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