ND16 Filter for Naked Camera


To get better footage and eliminate the Jello effect, BETAFPV specially made the ND16 filter for using on Naked Camera. This filter is customized for Case V2 for Naked Camera, provides more clear and clean footage. It is perfect for Beta95X HD Digital VTXBeta95X V2 and Beta85X V2 Whoop Drone for Naked Camera.

    Bullet Point

    • This filter is customized for Case V2 for Naked Camera, provides more clear and clean footage.
    • Convenient installation, just need to plug it on the lens, perfectly compatible with the case.
    • It can block the light and will not change the color balance of the picture.
    • It will reduce exposure, especially when there is an obvious contrast between bright and dark, the picture transition is more natural.


    • Item:ND16 Filter
    • Material: Aviation aluminum & Optical glass
    • Weight: 1.56g
    • Light blocking intensity: ND16
    • Adapt Camera: Nake Camera

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