Panasonic FM 1000uF 25v Low-ESR Capacitor

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These are High Temperature, Low-ESR radial capacitors made by Panasonic, one of the industry's most reliable manufacturers.

People use low ESR capacitor on racing drone to remove noise generated by the motors and act as a buffer for active braking. Solder a small capacitor between each ESC's positive and negative pole or use one big capacitor on the PDB.


  • Manufacturer : Matsushita-Panasonic
  • Series : FM
  • Capacitance : 1000uF
  • Voltage Rating : 25V (1S to 6S LiPo)
  • Temperature Rating : 105C
  • Diameter : 12.5mm
  • Lead Spacing : 5mm
  • Body Height : 20mm
  • Lead Type : Radial
  • Weight : 3.7g

In the bag

  • 1x Panasonic FM 1000uF 25v Low-ESR Radial Capacitor 105C 12.5 x 20mm

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