Ready to Fly Proton Racer Kit

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This kit comes with a 5" Proton racer and a LiteRadio 2 radio controller and optional Goggles. Just add props and battery to fly!

Proton 5" Racer

This is a custom-built 5" racer using the FPV Flight Club Proton frame and the Emax F4 Magnum 2 stack with high-performance T-Motor F-40 motors and the Runcam Robin camera! Comes completely built, just add props and your antenna and connect to your radio to fly!


6 in 1 Main Board - F4 FC + Betaflight OSD + LC Filter + 5v Regulator + Blackbox + Buzzer  

The heart of the flight control systems is a powerful STM32F405 MCU and MPU6000 gyro flashed with Betaflight for proven rocksteady flight stability. The integrated LC filter with 5v/3A voltage regulator means clean power for all the FC/OSD components and other attached boards such as VTX, RX and FPV Camera. Betaflight OSD with easily customizable layout of vital flight information and ability to change FC flight parameters. Blackbox flight log recorder with 16mb flash memory. On board buzzer for battery level warning or lost model finder functions.

LiteRadio 2

After the latest round of beta test, LiteRadio 2 is back to the market with the huge improvements based on the original version.

  • Supports Frsky protocol, easily change Frsky D8, Frsky D16 FCC and Frsky D16 LBT mode (The default version is Frsky D16 FCC)
  • Built-in charging module, support USB charging 
  • Adopted the rubber coat and add weight, makes it more ergonomic
  • Add vibration motor, provide a vibrating prompt
  • Redesign the power button, make it crystal clear and better for the LED indication

LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter User Manual

    Bullet Point

    • Designed for FPV racing starters, and supports Bayang protocol and Frsky protocol (D16/ D8)
    • LiteRadio 2 is powered by OpenTX firmware. Totally 8 channels and has a hobby grade gimbal. 
    • This radio tansmitter acts as a USB Joystick when connected to a personal computer. So you could use it to play FPV simulator like EREADRONE
    • The trainer function is available for this LiteRadio 2 transmitter. It is useful for FPV racing student in training
    • LiteRadio 2 transmitter runs the OpenTX 2.2.4 firmware. OpenTX comes with a computer-based graphical user interface, OpenTX Companion. Pilots could use OpenTX Companion is trim the gimbal central value
    • With the hobby grade gimbal and adopted the rubber coat, makes it more ergonomic


      • Item: LiteRadio 2
      • Frequency Range: 2.4G (2403MHz-2447MHz)
      • 2.4G System: NRF24L01 or CC2500
      • Channel: 8
      • System: Bayang Protocol / Frsky Protocol 
      • Power: ≤80mw
      • Model Type: Multi-rotor
      • Support USB Charging
      • Support FPV Simulator Connected
      • Output: PPM, support Student Radio Mode
      • LED Light: Green-Power On / Red-Warning / Blue-Normal
      • Battery: 350mAh 2S Battery
      • Weight: 227.4g (with battery)

          How to change the protocol (D16/D8 Version)

          Press and hold the bind button, then press the power button until the purple light is flashing. The flashing LED indicates different protocol the LiteRadio works on.
          LED Status Protocol Version
          Flash Once Frsky D16 FCC
          Flash Twice  Frsky D16 LBT
          Flash Three Times  Frsky D8

          Diagram of LiteRadio 2

          LiteRadio 2 Guide

          Manual for LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter
          LiteRadio Configuration - OpenTX Companion


          • 1 * LiteRadio 2 Radio Transmitter
          • 1 * 350mAh 2S Battery



          48 Chanel 5.8ghz Switchable Power VTX Board

          VTX allows for easy change of vtx channel/band via push button.  Also transmit power is switchable from 25mw to 200mw. Included is a lightweight 5.8ghz dipole whip antenna or 80mm extension cable with SMA connecter for use with your own antenna.


          Frsky XM 16ch Sbus Micro RX Board

          Genuine FrSky XM receiver is included with 16 channels (capable of RSSI function with software update from Frsky). It possible to connect other brands of Serial or PPM via the dedicated RX pads.


          Bullet 30A - 4 in 1 ESC + Current Sensor Board


          The ESC system is comprised of 4 x 30A continuous Bullet ESC’s using top quality MOSFETs and running Blheli S firmware. Your choice of protocol: DSHOT, Multishot, Oneshot 125. The onboard current sensor monitors mAh consumed and pass the information to OSD for an accurate way to monitor battery level and peak power consumption. 

          Emax F4 Magnum AIO FPV Stack



          6 in 1 Main Board
          Flight controller OMNIBUSF4 Firmware
          STM32F405 MCU
          MPU6000 accelerometer/gyro (connected via SPI)
          On-board Betaflight OSD 
          On-board Buzzer 
          Integrated 5V/3A BEC
          Integrated LC Filter 
          Dedicated PPM/ Sbus receiver input
          On-board high-capacity 16mb black box flight log recorder

          3 UART pads

          Addressable LED pad

          VTX Board
          Frequency band:5362-5945MHz
          Channels: 48 ( Need band/channel chart ) 
          Transmit power:Switchable 25/200mw
          Supply voltage:4.5V-5.5V
          Antenna port :50Ω ipx ufl connector

          4 in 1 ESC and Current Sensor Board
          Continuous current 30A and 40A burst per motor
          Supply voltage 2-4S Lipo
          Silabs EFM8BB21F16G 50mhz MCU 
          BLHeli-S firmware

          Supports DSHOT, MULTISHOT,ONESHOT125
          Top quality MOSFET (Brand)
          3oz high TG PCB board
          On-board current sensor

          Receiver Board
          Genuine FrSky XM+ receiver

          D16 Mode

          16 channel SBUS

          RSSI on Channel 15

          BETAFPV VR01 FPV Goggles

          BETAFPV VR01 FPV Goggles - a First-Person-View Goggle with 4.3 inch 800*480px HD high brightness LCD which will allow you to experience a bright world without warped and blurred images. Adopt ergonomic design with a foam sponge faceplate and a three-sided adjustable headband, comfortable like as cotton and suitable for all age ranges.

          Bullet Point

          • BETAFPV VR01 FPV Goggles is with 4.3 inch 800*480px HD high brightness LCD, which is specially tuned for FPV racing or Model airplane. 
          • Adopt ergonomic design with a foam sponge faceplate and a three-sided adjustable headband, this FPV Goggles fits your face and head perfectly.
          • Buit-in super sensitiveness 5.8GHz 40ch receiver,especially with RaceBand.
          • Come with advanced auto-searching function and show yout the working frequency on screen.
          • 92% transparent lens adopted ,no distort,no blur on the adage of screen.
          • Light weight 375g with 2hr 2000mAh battery, RTF for any scale, racing, Model airplane game.



          • Dimension: 155x144x113mm
          • Weight: 375g with 2hr 2000mAh battery
          • Belt: three-Ways adjustable belt


          • screen size: 4.3 inch
          • Screen resolution: 800*480 (No blur after enlarge by the lens)
          • Screen brightness: 300cd/m2 with special high brightness backlight LED for outdoor FPV
          • View Angle: 12 O’CLOCK


          • 2.8x boost of the video to acquire intense feel-in-there video
          • 92% transparent rate no distort of light


          • Input CVBS
          • Headphone sound output
          • TF Card(C10) Max32G
          • USB DC5V IN, the device operating current of 550mA@5V,built-in battery maximum charge current of 750mA@5V; if the device is working when charging, please pay attention to selecting the rated current greater than 2A/5V charging equipment


          • Built-in 3.7V/2000mAh high-capacity polymer battery, when the battery is charging, the device the red LED will light when charging is completed, here are bright green LED
          • Each full charge revive is around 2 hours working time

          Band and Channel Selection


          CH 1
          CH 2
          CH 3
          CH 4
          CH 5
          CH 6
          CH 7
          CH 8

          Operation Instructions

          • K1>SearCH/AV
          Default mode, Short press for automatically search signals to a certain signal strength and stops on that channel; Long press switch RF MOD and Long press for AV MOD; In Play mode, pressed jump volume adjust OSD.
          • K2>MENU/Power
          Default mode, Short press for MENU OSD; Long press 3S for Power OFF/ON; MENU pressed, this button is use as the Return.
          • K3>REC/Play/OK
          Default mode, Short press for recording /STOP; Long press for Play mode; MENU pressed, this button is use as the confirmed.<
          • K4>Band+/VOL+
          Default mode, Short press for Band+ option A,B,D,E,F,R cycle selection; Long press for Volume control -; MENU pressed, this button is use as the UP.
          • K5>CH+/VOL-
          Default mode, Short press for CH 1~8 cycles; Long press for Volume control +, MENU pressed, this button is use as the DOWN.


            • Call MENU and select Playback (Short Press K1 button to call menu, and use K3 button to select Playback mode; Or long pressed K3 )
            • Review/Replay in Playback mode (Playing Short K1 jump volume adjust OSD)
            • Buttons have different function in playback mode
            • Record file: AVI, 800*480px progressive
            • Support up to 32G TF card (C10 recommend)
            • K2: Playback menu (volume control/file delete/protect)
            • K4: UP/ fast backward<<
            • K5: DOWM/ fast backward>>
            • K3: Select/Play/ Pause
            • K1: Quit Playback mode
            NOTE: If the device is not used for a long time, please charged once every four months, inorder to protect the battery.


            • 1 * BETAFPV VR01 FPV Goggles
            • 1 * USB Charging Cable
            • 2 * Dipole 5.8G Antennas  
            • 1 * Adjustable Headband

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