Silverware Whoop Racer Kit

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Everything you need to build a brushed whoop racer with high-kv motors.

AlienWhoop ZER0 Silverware flight controller

AlienWhoop ZER0 flight controller for Tiny Whoop, Blade Inductrix, Eachine, BetaFPV, and other micro brushed quadcopter frames. Best in class flight controller running NotFastEnuf Silverware firmware.


  • Slim and sleek design for maximum weight savings, power, and responsiveness
  • Designed by 2 of the top 16 fastest pilots at the 2018 Tiny Whoop Invitational championship teamed up with NotFastEnuf
  • STM32F030F4P ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M0 CPU, frequency up to 48 MHz (can be overclocked to 64MHz)
  • Invensense MPU-6881 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) precision temperature compensating MotionTracking™ Device
  • Powerful MOSFETs
  • 2oz copper with ENIG plated pads for best power
  • Factory loaded with NotFastEnuf Silverware for maximum brushed motor performance
  • 5V 2A BEC with 3.3V regulator
  • Supports 1S or 2S LIPO (JST 2.0 PH aka PowerWhoop connector factory installed)
  • Conveniently located motor plugs (direct solder optional pads on top)
  • Pads adjacent LIPO pigtail for maximum VTX/camera current and clarity
  • Voltage sense for advanced flight compensation (and telemetry on supported receivers)
  • Built-in inverter supports SBUS receivers (Futaba,FrSky,TBS Crossfire)
  • Extra pads for LED strip, beeper, etc. (requires firmware customization)
  • Easy updating without disassembly using standard programming header


  • Pilots must supply their own external SBUS or SPI receiver. Currently supporting FrSky SBUS, TBS Crossfire (using SBUS), and Bayang receivers made from Eachine/BWhoop toy transmitter modules
  • 2S power requires customized firmware with compatible PIDs and settings
  • Attempting to flash while receiver and transmitter powered can brick your fc
  • Recovery via DFU pads possible but not guaranteed


Cockroach Frame

Frustrated with constantly fixing struts and breaking frames, we set out to find something better...and more colorful! 

We worked with a number of manufacturers and after numerous prototypes and revisions, we are proud to introduce the Cockroach Super-Durable Frame for Tiny Whoop style quads.

Traditional Looks and Geometry maintain those flight characteristics you are used to and ensure easy compatibility with the Beebrain as well as most other popular flight controllers.

Lightweight and Durable. We found a more forgiving and resilient material that doesn't sacrifice in weight or stiffness. Struts and other key support components have been redesigned to distribute and dissipate stress from crashes and falls. 

Easy and Inexpensive. None of this is any good if its super difficult to use and super expensive. So we made sure we set out to make something affordable. Key tolerances have also been fine tuned to make installation and removal much easier. 

AIO Camera

T01 AIO Camera 25mW 5.8G is a new AIO camera released by BETAFPV. Great alternative to H01 & H02 camera.

  • T01 AIO Camera 25mW 5.8G weighs only 3.0g. It's the lightest AIO camera of all of the BETAFPV's camera.
  • Comes with 25° camera mount: perfect for indoor whooping
  • 150° perspective: Wide angle for better flying experience


    • Output power: 25mW
    • Supply Voltage: 2.5-5.5v
    • Size : 32 * 10 * 11 mm
    • Weight: 3.3g
    • Antenna: Monopole Whip Antenna
    • Power consumption: 220~400mA@ 3.0-5.0V
    • Frequency: 5.8GHz 5 bands 40 channels
    • Field of view: 150º
    • TVL: 700TVL
    • Operating Temperature: -10℃~+60℃
    • Channel SEL:Touch Switch
    • Channel Indicate:CH1~CH8 Channel indication with 8LEDS and A~F frequency, group Indicate with 5LEDS
    • Modulation type:FM
    • Transmit power: 13±1dBm
    • Frequency control: PLL
    • All harmonic: Max -50dBm
    • Frequency Stability: ±100KHz (Typ.)
    • Frequency precision: ±200KHz (Typ.)
    • Channel Carrier error: 1dB
    • Antenna Port: 50 Ω
    • SENSOR:PAL: 720X540/NTSC:640X480 1/4”
    • Base-band interface: (P1.27*2)
    • Profile dimension: 14.5mm*12.2mm+14.5mm*12mm


    25000kv 6x17 Motors!

    Do you value performance over flight time and motor life in a crazy way? These are your motors. When you try them you'll know why I recommend them. The floor drops. the Tiny Whoop shrinks into the sky. Tiny and fast go so well together. 


    • Motor Diameter: 6mm
    • Motor Length: 17mm
    • Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm
    • Cable Length: 50mm
    • Weight: About 1.95g
    • Motor wire: Clockwise Motor(With Red Blue), Anti-clockwise Motor(With Black White)
    • Option: With 1.25mm JST Plug

    Note: you need to cut the tiny motor supports in the bottom of the frame to fit these bigger motors.


    • This plastic canopy is still low enough to look down between the ducts to drop thru small slots or gaps.
    • Holds the camera securely and eliminates the chance of tearing a SMD component of the board with aggressive double sided tapes.
    • All stock hardware is used, super simple installation.



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