SMA Circular Polarized FPV Mushroom Antenna

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M1 TX/RX SMA Male Circular Polarized FPV Mushroom Antenna 

This thoughtfully designed circular polarized antenna utilizes mushroom protective case to protect elements inside, which can outperform typically fragile wire elements. The antenna greatly improve the range and covering video transmitting and receiving system. Circular Polarized Antenna can reduce interference. For best performance we recommend using it as matched set. 

Gain:5dBI, Frequency Range:5.8GHz 
Max Power:50W 
Connector: SMA Male 
Stable signal transmission 
Polarization:Circular polarization (RHCP) 

5.8G Circular Polarized Mushroom Antenna, small size and light weight. 
High sensitivity, Stable signal transmission 
Electrical Specifications: 
Frequency Range:5.8GHz 
Polarization:Circular polarization, Right-handed (RHCP) 
Max Power:50W 
Mechanical Specifications: 
Max diameter:33mm 
Min diameter: 4mm 
Connector: SMA 
Lighting Protection:DC Grounded 

Package Included: 
1 x 5.8G Circular Polarized Mushroom Antenna 

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