Stiffener Brace of Carbon Fiber for Beta85X Frame (2 PCS)

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To provide better protection for the drone and enhance the stability of the frame, BETAFPV customize the stiffener brace of carbon fiber, which is perfect for Beta85X frame.

Bullet Point

  • Fit for all Beta85X frame, can be easily assembled.
  • The Stiffener Brace of Carbon Fiber can reinforce the Beta85X frame, avoid unstability caused by too strong power when Beta85x is flying.
  • The stiffener brace of carbon fiber will increase the stiffness and support across all of the motors. Prevents a lot of damage and still get stable flight time.
  • Made of 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Plates, lightweight but very strong.
  • Only weight 1.3g/pc with 1.5mm thickness.


  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Weight:2.6g/pc
  • Frame Shape: Compressed X
  • Main Plate Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Wheelbase: 85mm
  • Adapt Frame: Beta85X Frame, Beta85X 4K Frame
  • Adapt Drone: Beta85X 4S, Beta85X 4S HD, Beta85X 4K Whoop Drone


  • 2 * Stiffener Brace of Carbon Fiber for Beta85X Frame

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