Succex 5.8G Mini V2.0 48CH Switchable Power VTX

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Succex Mini V2.0 VTX is a new generation switchable PIT/25/100/200/400/500mW video transmitter. It can be used for both race or daily practice. IRC Tramp function helps setting frequency point directly. The accurate power meets your different FPV requirements. IRC Tramp function is available with Succex mini F4 and other brand flight controls; Succex VTX can be connected to Succex mini F4 directly while can be soldered to other brand flight controls.



- Supports the standard 48-channel set;

- Telemetry input allows remote control by the flight controller (where supported).

- Change the channel, transmit power, and more from Betaflight OSD, flight controller USB port, Taranis, and more.

- Variable transmit power from 25 mW to 500 mW. Use 25 mW for a race and then easily switch to 500 mW for freestyle.

- Pit Mode allows you to power up safely without the risk of knocking other pilots out of the air.



- Input voltage: 5V

- Channel: 48

- Power transmission: 0mW(Pit mode) / 25mW / 100mW / 200mW / 400mW/ 500mW

- Size (mm): 24 * 26 mm

- Mounting Holes Dimension: 20mm x 20mm

- Connector type: IPEX Connector

- BEC Output:5V/1A for Camera of FC

- Antenna: IPEX

- Weight: 2.3g

- Traditional button

- IRC Tramp protocol


Package included:

- 1pc x Succex Mini V2.0 VTX

- Cable Set

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