Suleve™ M3AN1 10Pcs M3 Nut Self-locking Nylon Lock Hex Nut Aluminum Alloy Multicolor

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Brand Suleve
Model M3AN1
Thread Diameter 3mm(M3)
Material                                  6061 Aluminum Alloy + Nylon
Color Grey / Light Blue / Black / Red / Purple / Silver / Royal / Gold / Pink / Orange / Green
Size As The Picture Shown
Pitch 0.5mm
Surface Treatment Anodic Oxidation

1. Made of 6061 aluminum alloy, lightweight, strong hardness, secure.

2. Self-locking design, will not be loose easily due to vibration.
3. Suitable for for FPV RC.

Package Included:
10 x Self-lock Nuts (Same Color)

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