UFOFPV 5.8G RX/TX FPV Pagoda Antenna (LHCP/SMA)

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Operating Frequency:  5.8GHz
Bandwidth range: 500MHz(5.55-6.05GHz)
Match: return loss (S11) <- 20dB
Matchin: RL(S11)<-20dB
VSWR: <1.22 at 5800GHz
Axial Ratio: <1.3
Radiant efficiency: 95%
interface: SMA / RP-SMA Male 
Weight: 8 g

1. Axis ratio less than 1.3, standing wave ratio 1.2
2. It weighs only 8 grams, PC material shell wrapped to avoid PCB damage
3. "Pagoda II" is based on Maarten Baert optimized circular polarized antenna design
4. Its structure consists of three layers of 1 ounce copper foil embedded in the PCB,
replacing the original typical of the wire structure components (this structure is easy to break)
Package included:
1x Antenna

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